About Drawstring


I’ve been illustrating professionally since 1984 but the majority of the work I produce – and I’m sure this goes for most other commercial artists – remains unpublished. The final commissioned artwork is the mere public tip of the iceberg, whereas all the preparatory sketches and extra-curricular pieces tend to disappear without trace.

Or at least they used to before the inauguration of this blog, which I use as a depository for precisely this type of otherwise invisible output. I’ll occasionally include posts relating to illustration projects but for the most part this will be home to all the extraneous stuff: sketch-book entries, life-drawings, digital doodles and the like. I’ll usually include a little relevant background information and do occasionally go off on one but this is essentially a visual journal and is not intended to be hard work for either me or the audience.

For examples of my illustration work, go to my main website and browse the galleries:


I hope you find something to enjoy here. Either way, let me know – all feedback is appreciated and it would be great to hear from you!



8 thoughts on “About Drawstring

  1. Great job, man!! I always admired people who have impressive drawing skills like yours.
    I just realized your blog and I like it a lot 🙂 Looking forward for the new potential artworks that I will inspire me here 🙂


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