Haven’t I seen you somewhere before…?

Ah, that would probably have been on Instagram. Or possibly Facebook. Twitter? You know how it is with social media, there’s often a bit of overlap, but hopefully at least one or two of the following sketches will not previously have sullied a screen near you by other means.

I’ll shortly be leaving for the Arts Club to help out with hanging the annual exhibition, so this post is what I referred to last year as the ‘Pre-Festival Round-up’. Next time I’ll deal with my submissions for the show, but for now, here’s a typically mixed bag of recent life-drawings.

This is Ariane, from back in March:

Alice, from early April. These drawings were much larger format than usual, on A1 & A2 sheets and standing at the easel rather than sitting, which is a whole different physical process, and a useful means of occasionally exiting the comfort zone.


Finally, a couple of sketchbook pages from a recent cycling trip to Spain, the first a snatched sketch of the rest of our group chilling out after a day’s riding, and the second a more leisurely drawing done while sitting on rocks by the sea at La Herradura. Bliss – I could while away hours like that.


4 thoughts on “Haven’t I seen you somewhere before…?

    1. That’s really kind of you to say, although I certainly don’t set out to put anyone into a sulk!

      The watercolour washes are usually applied in less than five minutes, and I think it’s this speed – or rather the lack of time to over-think or deliberate – that gives the final marks their life and immediacy. It doesn’t always work of course, but when it does, watercolour can dry in the most pleasing way and, as you say, be surprisingly effective at suggesting form.


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