Hieronymus Batch

Extracurricular doodles, the very fuel on which Drawstring thrives, have been in chronically short supply of late. This is largely due to a recent and most welcome deluge of commissioned illustration work, that has left time for little else. The poor malnourished blog, meanwhile, has been skulking quietly in a dark corner of cyberspace, wondering when its next pictorial fix will arrive.

Just as well I still have a few scraps of un-posted material from the last  few months to sate its voracious appetite until more contemporaneous fare is available.

First up, from last December (shame on me),  a few sketches of Liz at SCAC:

Towards the end of 2016, I had the vague idea of sketching the artists behind some of my favourite albums of the year, but didn’t get very far with it. Just three artistes, to be precise, all women. First up was the other-worldly genius Joanna Newsom, whose Divers album was actually released in late-2015 but was still ruling over my studio playlist well into the following year.

Image produced in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Draw iPad drawing of Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel. Her Citizen Of Glass album was superb, just like all her others.

Drawn on the iPad with Adobe Draw

The wonderful PJ Harvey. I won’t have been the only one to have had The Hope Six Demolition Project on my end-of -year list. What a star.

Drawn on the Wacom Cintiq with Autodesk Sketchbook

A few more life-drawings. Katie at SCAC:

3jan17-katiescac_1lo-res 4jan17-katiescac_9lo-res 4jan17-katiescac_2lo-res4jan17-katiescacx3

Laura B, same venue:10jan17-laurabscac_1lo-res10jan17-laurabscacx310jan17-laurabscac_3lo-res10jan17-laurabscac_2lo-res

In January I took to the ski slopes of La Clusaz with my fellow ‘Sonneteers’ (several explanations of this nomenclature can be found in previous posts – see tag cloud). It was also almost certainly the last time our group will stay at Justin’s chalet, ‘Gingembre’, as it was put on the market more or less immediately after our departure. We’re sure to ski together in future – somewhere – but this development undoubtedly signalled the end of a long and very happy era.

Here are a couple of quick coffee-break iPhone sketches, made with Adobe Draw.


And finally, my latest, and no doubt last-ever, Gingembre guest-book entry. A bit of an epic, befitting such a momentous occasion, heavily referencing Hieronymus Bosch, whose hellish imagery seems freshly pertinent in the post-Brexit/Trump era. To me, anyway. As ever, the content will be meaningless to all but those of us who were there.


Oh, and my new hip held up beautifully. Thanks for asking.

Southern Rail iPad sketch

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