A view from the sofa…

… sketched on the iPad in a somewhat obsessive amount of detail and an attempt at fish-eye perspective, over several evening interludes, while kicking back and listening to music. The room layout shown here has since been subjected to its annual Christmas rearrangement in order to accommodate a tree by the window. Why, you’d hardly know the place.

Click on the image to get a closer view. There are a couple of details below the main image to give you an idea.


16dec16-livingroom_ipaddetail2 16dec16-livingroom_ipaddetail1

Drawn with the Adobe Draw app.


5 thoughts on “A view from the sofa…

  1. I like the look of that purple stylus Geoff – any advice about which sort to get, or are they all much of a muchness?

    The only one i have ever bought was from Currys, and it soon got sticky and unpleasant to work with.

    I take it you like the Adobe Draw app, I am currently using the SketchBookX/Sketch Express.
    Should I move to Adobe Draw?

    Brilliant style, by the way. Your drawings are always first class.


    1. The stylus is a real cheapo – I bought a batch of twelve on Amazon a few years ago, and I’m still getting through them. They work out at a few pence each, I don’t think it’s worth paying any more unless you’re going for one of the more expensive pressure-sensitive Bluetooth pens. I’ve had a play with one of the new iPad Pros and the Apple pen, and it does take the drawing experience to a new level!
      Adobe Draw is a great app if you want to produce scaleable, vector images, but you need a Creative Cloud subscription to get the most out of it. It’s a drag, but thats Adobe for you! Procreate is another excellent app, if you haven’t already tried it.


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