Netflix Ignoramus

Having taken an uncharacteristic detour into the prosaic worlds of household insurance and bicycle security in the last post, Drawstring is resoundingly back on message this time, with a few weeks’ backlog of nothing but life drawings, including sketches from a couple of recent themed sessions.

Rookie model Jenny, at SCAC in early October:


Laura B, the following week:


18oct16-laurabscac_3lo-res 18oct16-laurabscac_1lo-res

Here are a few sketches from the latest Drawing Circus, this time themed around hit Netflix series Stranger Things, which, predictably enough, I’d never heard of. My knowledge of what’s currently hot on TV has diminished to almost zero in recent years, as has my general viewing. I’m sure I must be missing out on some great entertainment as a result, but I can’t shake off the conviction that most of the material pumped out by the multitude of channels is just ephemeral filler. These days I find the mere act of sitting down in front of the telly to be uncomfortably passive and bovine; most of the time, I’d simply rather be doing something else.

Anyway, I believe the crop-haired female character from Stranger Things, played by Amy in the drawings below, is called Eleven. It’s now officially on my ‘list’ – I’m sure it’s very good.

21oct16-strangerthingsx5_colour 21oct16-strangerthings

Catherine, at SCAC last week:




Finally, a Halloween-inspired afternoon session at SCAC with Kate playing sinister crypt-widow alongside our strangely-nameless resident skeleton:

31oct16-halloweenkate_3lo-res 31oct16-halloweenkate_1lo-res

Made on the iPad with Adobe Draw:



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