China Girl

I’ll get to the title image in due course but first, in the interest of chronology, here are some sketches of Frankie from a life-drawing session at SCAC a few weeks ago, during which I drew only on my iPad in Adobe Draw. As ever, I found the mostly ten-minute poses too brief to produce anything very finished using this method, so I had to tidy up these drawings the next day, back in the studio. They came out ok.


Back to more traditional media the following week. Here are a few sketches of Zoe (her ridiculously cute and well-behaved puppy not shown due to time constraints):


Our daughter Chloë celebrated her 25th birthday at the end of September, but we could only share it with her via Skype, as she’s currently living and working in Beijing. Here’s the orientalised image I produced for her birthday card. The digital mixer was her birthday present from us; brace yourselves, Beijing clubbers.


We had the always-inspirational Laura modelling for us a couple of weeks ago. Her trademark end-of-session upside-down poses are reliably a joy and a challenge.



4oct16-lauranscac_3lo-res 4oct16-lauranscac_1lo-res4oct16-lauranscac_9lo-res

Another iPad doodle:


In my next blog, I’ll bring you an unexpectedly positive update on the case of the stolen bike, as grimly reported in my last post. Stay tuned!


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