It’s No Rumour…

… it’s official.

Twenty-seven eventful years of marriage, today. Having shamelessly pastiched Bob Dylan’s Feewheelin’ album cover for an anniversary card a few years ago, I thought I’d do something similar this time, and one of the first covers featuring a couple that came to mind was Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, with its iconic image of Mick Fleetwood in faux-medieval minstrel regalia (complete with dangling accessories, fnaar, fnaar) and Stevie Nicks giving it the full flower-child. Actually, I should perhaps qualify my description of the original image as ‘iconic’ here, as I had to explain the provenance of the piece to Lynn when I handed it her, which I wasn’t expecting at all. Its familiarity may well be less universal than I’d imagined; a lesson perhaps in not assuming that everyone’s cultural references are the same as one’s own.


OK, back to more familiar Drawstring content: nude people.

Here’s James, from around three weeks ago at SCAC:

30aug16-jamesscac_5lo-res 30aug16-jamesscac_4lo-res30aug16-jamesscacx4

James had a recent iPad with him, plus Apple’s new pressure-sensitive pencil, which he let me experiment with during the break. On the basis of five-minutes scribbling time using the Procreate app, I have to say it was incredibly impressive, and has probably blown all rival styluses (styli? stylii?) out of the water. I’ve no immediate plans to upgrade my older iPad, but it’s fascinating to see how this aspect of the technology is advancing. Wacom tablets remain the benchmark in this field, certainly for professionals, but the gap is undoubtedly closing.

Anyway, it put me in the mood to do some iPad sketching, which I haven’t been doing much of lately. This was drawn in Adobe Draw:


Here’s the wonderful Laura Kate from a couple of weeks ago. My daughter Chloë – a keen sketcher when she has the time –also came along to the session, and has since returned to Beijing to resume working with Air Visual.





6sept16-laurakatescac_3lo-res 6sept16-laurakatescac_8lo-res

Another stream-of-consciousness iPad sketch:


Finally, my anniversary weekend was tarnished somewhat when my beloved Cannondale mountain bike, which I’ve had for seven years and use to travel everywhere, was stolen in town on Friday night. As a peaceable, entirely non-violent type, I was alarmed at just how murderous this crime, sadly all-too common here in Brighton, made me feel. I shall await the response of the insurance company with interest.

In the meantime, I’ll deal with it like a true cartoonist. Here’s a download’n’print bike-thief target, for which I hereby waive all the usual copyright restrictions – get those darts out and let’s go to work!



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