Transit Lounge diversion.

This small batch of images was earmarked for posting three weeks ago, but work deadlines and last-minute travel preparations combined to leave no spare time for frivolities such as blogging. Instead, I’m writing this from the transit lounge at Astana airport, Kazakhstan, en route back to the UK. There’s an eight-hour (urgh) hiatus between our arrival here from Beijing and departure for Heathrow, so plenty of time for an overdue catch-up.

More on the aforementioned travels, together with accompanying sketch-book entries, next time.

For now though, here are the pics in question, from ages ago. First up, Eugenie, drawn at SCAC:

12July16-Eugenie@SCAC_2(lo-res) 12July16-Eugenie@SCACx3

… another sketchbook doodle loosely based on found imagery from the internet…


… and Naomi, from around four weeks ago…


Finally, here’s a taster of what’s in store for the next post. Interminable sketches of fellow travellers killing time on various forms of public transport. Bet you can’t wait!


Da sveedanya!


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