May Mix.

This is a motley assortment of imagery even by Drawstring’s thematically-anarchic standards. Never mind, here we go:

Early May was marked by the Premier League reaching the fairytale conclusion that football followers from all over the world (with the notable exception of London N17) had been fervently hoping for. The Hollywood-script-on-legs that is Jamie Vardy went straight into the Moleskine on behalf of the entire, odds-defying Leicester City team. How many honours can one man take?


I swung by the Sussex County Arts Club on the first weekend of the Festival during one of the free Saturday drawing sessions that have been a feature of the exhibition. Stopped long enough to snatch a quick drawing of Naomi, who was looking very regal in her opulent gown (to which this sketch does a grave disservice) and gleaming accessories. The exhibition also looked great and seemed to be be attracting a steady, if not exactly teeming, flow of visitors.


This quick sketch of some potted geraniums (later coloured in Photoshop) reminds me that it actually has been warm enough to sit out in the garden occasionally this year. Far too occasionally, mind; more please.


There’s no rational explanation for this:


The Drawing Circus took over the delightful Bosco Theatre for three hours last Monday; the now-annual May extravaganza in a ‘proper’ Festival venue. They served up the usual winning cocktail of burlesque visuals soundtracked by a vaguely-sinister Drawchestra mixer. Shaken and stirred.

It would have taken several hours more to do justice to the rich tableau that slowly formed as the evening wore on, but here are a couple of extracts:

23May16-DrawingCircus@Boscoe_2(lo-res) 23May16-DrawingCircus@Boscoe_4(lo-res)

Naomi yet again, this time from last week’s Tuesday session at SCAC. Mostly 10-minutes:

24May16-Naomi@SCAC_1(lo-res) 24May16-Naomi@SCACx6

Now, I realise that strictly speaking this blog is intended for extracurricular artwork rather than the day-job, but I can’t resist mentioning this rather unusual illustration project, which came to fruition a few days ago. One of my clients (a children’s music composer), for whom I’ve previously produced a few CD covers, asked me to come up with a wraparound design for the Mercedes Sprint van he uses to take his live show on the road. It finally rolled out of the vehicle-wrap workshop and hit the road last week, looking EXACTLY like the visual mock-ups I’d prepared along with the artwork. Always a thrill to see one’s illustrations in a new context.

If you spot it on the road, give Doug a wave!

IMG_3560 Merc_622IMG_3559Duggie_VanWrap-LeftSide_aw



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