Pre-Festival round-up

In spite of weather more redolent of a polar expedition than a sun-kissed international arts jamboree, the 2016 Brighton Festival kicks off this weekend. In the absence of champagne, I’ll uncork of a month’s backlog of random sketches instead. You know the drill by now.

Here’s Stella from a Tuesday evening SCAC session about a month ago:


A purposeless doodle from the pages of the Moleskine…


… a few ten-minute drawings of new (to me anyway) French model Eugenie…


… the always-inspiring Laura, who, in addition to being a deservedly popular life-model, also happens to sing and play a mean stand-up bass. A video clip of her in fully-clothed musical mode can be seen here.


More Tuesday-night drawings, this time with Zoe modelling:

19April16-Zoe@SCACx3 19April16-Zoe@SCAC_5(lo-res)

And then of course, a week ago, we all received the shocking news that Prince had been found dead at his Paisley Park studio complex. I won’t have been the only person who had his back-catalogue on heavy rotation for the next few days – what an incredible talent he was. Very nearly the same age as me when he died, too; in other words, far too young. I made this quick sketch of the Minnesotan maestro to add to the inevitable tidal wave of online tributes that duly appeared and more or less overwhelmed social media. Sometimes when words are inadequate, a picture will do just fine.


Finally, for this post anyway, are a few sketches of Dory from this Tuesday’s SCAC session. Only a week-or-so earlier, a few of us life-drawers helped out as extras on a music video she was shooting for the aforementioned bass-slapping Laura. What a creative, interconnected town this is.

26April16-Dory@SCAC_3(lo-res) 26April16-Dory@SCACx5

I don’t normally go in for ‘next blog’ trailers – that would be ridiculous – but I’ll make an exception this time. Yesterday, our crack team of elite picture hangers (‘hangmen’, if you will), myself included, mounted the annual May exhibition of members’ work down at the Sussex County Arts Club, or SCAC as I more often refer to it on this here blog. As ever, it presents a fascinating and eclectic mix of styles, media and abilities and should be on every discerning art-lover’s to-do list during this year’s Brighton Festival. My own submissions this year were of a decidedly experimental nature, and will be the subject of my next post. Stay tuned, readers!



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