More 10-minute watercolour studies from the oh-so civilised front line of life-drawing, and some other random sketchbook entries. It’s an established formula with which frequent visitors will be well acquainted. So, without further ado, and with a minimum of commentary…

This was Russell from a few weeks ago at SCAC:




My good lady wife bundled up against the cold while waiting for our return train to Brighton from Bletchley. We’d been for a grand day out visiting Bletchley Park, where Alan Turing and his fellow brainboxes cracked German codes during World War 2, and laid down some of the foundations of modern-day computing into the bargain. A fascinating place, superbly presented – and highly recommended for anyone with the slightest interest in history or general human ingenuity.


Kate, last week. A more detailed rendition of the left arm tatt would require longer than ten minutes and much closer proximity:


Moleskine shenanigans. These are composite doodles very loosely based on internet-sourced vintage imagery. Drawn in pen & ink with block colour slapped on in Photoshop. And with no intended meaning whatsoever.


Laura Kate, earlier this week:


(click to expand)

… and then this:


*  I’m sometimes struggle for blog post titles. KZIPORUV is simple alphabetical mirror-code for PARKLIFE – a reference, of course, to the brilliant code-breakers of Bletchley Park. Not quite in the same league as the Enigma code but what do you expect from a humble artist?


6 thoughts on “KZIPORUV *

    1. Thanks Alison, you’re very kind. BTW, I also recently had the dubious pleasure of attending a speed awareness course here in Brighton. And also found it far more interesting than I ever expected!

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