Birthday greetings, bottle of wine.

Happily, my withdrawal from society for convalescent purposes (see previous post) was nowhere near as prolonged as I’d feared. Within three weeks I had tossed aside my crutches and was back in circulation, feeling more mobile by the day. Here are the fruits of my unexpectedly swift return to life-drawing, with the ever-reliable Zoe modelling:


…followed by Liorah, a week later:


A little more sketchbook tomfoolery…


… and a 15-minute sketch from last week’s absolutely rammed, Star Wars-themed Drawing Circus:


Here are a few sketches of Olivia from an altogether more relaxed class at Draw (on an unseasonal ‘beach’ theme), a couple of days later. It was the first of these laid-back Thursday evening sessions I’d been able to attend for ages, but if you like your life-drawing with a few props, a bit of costume and some context, I’d recommend them.


Last but not least for this post, it’s Lynn’s birthday today, and the temptation to go Beatles on her – regardless of how clichéd it might seem – proved impossible to resist. Here’s my personalised card, based on a rather well-known album cover design by Peter Blake (to whom, as is traditional when producing such homages, I extend my humble apologies):



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