January Jamboree Bag

Let’s kick off 2016 with a theme-less potpourri of life-drawings and half-baked scribblings, shall we?

First off, a couple of sketched snapshots of family downtime from the Christmas/New Year holiday period. It was generally more frenzied (in a good way) than these images suggest, but I find domestic stasis lends itself to observational drawing far better than social hyperactivity.


Here are a few Moleskine doodles, roughly based on found internet imagery, and distorted to fit the format. Always an enjoyable way to fill a few spare minutes:

3Jan16_1a(lo-res)  4Jan16-MoleskineW'colour(lo-res)



A few 10-minute drawings of the always-inspiring Frankie, from the first Tuesday life-drawing session of the year last week:


Earlier this week we heard the extremely sad news that David Bowie had died. It was followed by a veritable tsunami of glowing, genuinely tear-stained tributes. It did seem that most of us – and especially those of us old enough to have been impressionable pre-pubescent teenagers around the time of Ziggy Stardust  – had been profoundly touched at some point by his art, and in many cases had our narrow world-view and existential sense of possibility blown wide open.

I was lucky enough to have seen him perform live a couple of times back in his glam rock pomp. The first occasion, memorably, was at a half-full venue in my old home town of Bradford, where I bought a ticket on the night for the princely sum of 60p and watched him and the Spiders from Mars perform all of the Ziggy album plus tracks from his then relatively-limited back catalogue. Including (thrillingly) Space Oddity. I distinctly remember him leaving the stage at one point and then re-emerging in a completely different outfit – outrageous behaviour for a rock star back then, believe it or not. His influence on popular culture is immeasurable, and (listen to Blackstar) he remained an artist to the very end. Thanks, Mr Jones.


Here are a few sketches from earlier this week at SCAC. 10-minute drawings; not nearly enough time to capture the sheer amount of detail one is confronted with when drawing Naomi – an eye-popping riot of jewellery, chains, curves, tattoos and, of course, that hair. But always a pleasure nonetheless.


Next time round, I’ll be a little bit bionic. More on that in due course.


4 thoughts on “January Jamboree Bag

  1. Your work is wonderful–I always enjoy it–but this time you outdid yourself: Well done on the Bowie tribute. He was a hell of an artist and a damn cool guy.

    I wish I’d had a chance to see him in concert, but I got into music–and his music especially–long after he was well-into his career.


    1. Thanks so much. The huge outpouring of emotion over Bowie’s death seemed entirely heartfelt and sincere. He clearly mattered to a huge number of us. And what a legacy he leaves behind!


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