Fifteen All Out

And so to the 26th (!) and final blog of 2015; a quick round-up of life-drawings from the last few weeks that I hadn’t got around to posting yet. I was interested to note that the watercolour ‘experiment’ I embarked on at the start of the year, by way of a fresh approach to life sessions, became almost my default style for the entire twelve months. I’m still enjoying this use of the medium enormously, and will no doubt continue with it into the new year. I’m also keen to try some new approaches/media next year, but am still unsure what exactly they might be; watch this space. The iPad is probably due a return to the atelier, too – I feel I’ve still barely scratched the potential of digital drawing on the tablet.

The more observant among you will notice that it didn’t take long for me to completely backtrack on my vow not to take my Moleskine sketchbook along to life-drawing again following the frustrating experience last time. No less than five of the following drawings come from that very disavowed book. Flip-flopper that I am, my latest opinion is that the format and size actually lends itself to quick, standing or vertical poses rather well, so long as larger sheets are also to hand for more expressive work. Make up your mind, man.

From top-to-bottom and in chronological order (1st, 8th and 15th December), here are 5-and-10-minute sketches of Jenny, Felix and Stella at SCAC:

1Dec15-Jenny@SCAC_1(lo-res) 1Dec15-Jenny@SCAC_10(lo-res) 1Dec15-Jenny@SCAC_9(lo-res) 1Dec15-Jenny@SCAC_8+blue(lo-res) 1Dec15-Jenny@SCAC_7(lo-res) 1Dec15-Jenny@SCAC_6(lo-res) 1Dec15-Jenny@SCAC_3(lo-res)


15Dec15-Stella@SCAC_3(lo-res) 15Dec15-Stella@SCAC_1(lo-res)15Dec15-Stella@SCAC_9(lo-res)  15Dec15-Stella@SCAC_7(lo-res) 15Dec15-Stella@SCAC_5(lo-res)

Once again, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit this blog over the last year – hope to see you again soon. Have an enjoyable Christmas and best wishes for a happy, peaceful and fulfilling new year. A new year, incidentally, that has a significant (non-art-related) event in store for me in its first few weeks…

Stay tuned…


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