Creatures of the night

These are a few of the small-scale drawings I made of Naomi at life-drawing a couple of weeks ago. Just for a change I went along armed only with a couple of Moleskine sketchbooks but ultimately I found it a frustrating experience, literally cramping my style. A visible page-fold might add a certain authenticity to a sketch, but in practice it can be pretty annoying, and the linework generally becomes less expressive the more it’s reduced in size. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Moleskines, but I won’t be taking them back to life sessions in a hurry.



Liorah, at SCAC last week. Back to the comfort-zone of A4 watercolour paper – I think it shows.10Nov15-Liorah@SCACx4

Earlier this week, Draw staged another of their excellent Drawing Circus events, this time reprising a themed session held recently at the Booth Museum of Natural History, which I’d been unable to attend in spite of living just round the corner from that fine institution. There were no stuffed birds or skeleton props for this downsized revival, but the animal-inspired costumes and attitude were present and correct.

Sheet of 3-minute sketches, with quick watercolour wash added back at the studio:


Laura in full goth-bat regalia. Grey tone added in Photoshop:


Naomi, getting lepidopteran. :


Final, 45-minute pencil and sepia wash sketch of Carole and Naomi:17Nov15-DrawingCircus@TOM_2(lo-res)


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