Venus in Furs

There was another enticing drawing event on Saturday, organised by the endlessly-imaginative Artists, Models, iNK. Three hours and three models – the always-dependable Kate, Frankie and Emma – creating a series of tableaux vivants inspired by the 19th-century sado-masochistic novella Venus in Furs. I’m pleased to report that no models or artists were harmed in the process.

The first couple of hours was comprised of  short or indeterminate-length poses, followed by a single hour-long scene. This provided the opportunity to work bigger (A1, no less) and, I assumed, at a more relaxed pace than usual, but with so much going on visually, the hour soon passed. I was, however, able to add some watercolour embellishment back at my studio.

Special mention also for Kate’s excellent themed playlist, ending – naturally – with a certain classic by The Velvet Underground.

What a very Brighton way to spend a Saturday evening.


First three images, pencil and/or brush-pen with spot colour added in Photoshop:


Final, hour-long tableau. pencil and watercolour. Click to enlarge, if you must:10Oct15-VenusInFurs@SCAC_7(lo-res)


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