Mucha do…

… about coming up with a title for the following  jamboree bag of unrelated odds and ends. It’s not great but neither is it entirely misleading. Read on…

To kick off, from a fortnight ago, and for the second time in as many weeks following her earlier stint as a George Petty pin-up girl (see previous post), here are a few 10-minute sketches of Beth, this time from the Tuesday-night SCAC session.


A couple of days later, seven like-minded culture vultures piled into fellow life-drawer Richard Newman’s capacious people-carrier and headed west to Bournemouth for a grand day of aesthetic indulgence. “Bournemouth?”, I hear you ask. “Artistic indulgence?” Well yes, as it happens, this most un-hip of seaside resorts is also home to the quite wonderful Russell-Cotes art gallery and museum which, in addition to its fine permanent collection (featuring a wealth of Victorian Orientalist paintings if you’re into that sort of thing – and most of our party were), was also hosting an exhibition of poster art and a small but sumptuous selection of original drawings by the Czech Art Nouveau master, Alphonse Mucha. The show, which has now transferred to Norwich, surpassed expectations – a real visual banquet. All this and a large, unhealthy lunch at a lacklustre seaside eaterie called Hot Rocks; that’s a pretty perfect day out, right there.

Suitably inspired, I whipped out my iPad on the return journey and made a bumpy drawing with the Tayasui Sketches app from the back seat, intended to feature my fellow passengers but consisting mostly of car head-rests. Master Alphonse would have laughed me out of his studio.


Below is a selection of sketches of Clementine, la très charmante modèle Français, from last Tuesday. I partly resurrected the iPad as a life-drawing tool for the occasion, but reverted to analogue for a few poses, too. A stylistically mixed bag, consequently.


Images below drawn on iPad with Procreate app:


One last oddment, then you can go. Here’s is a discarded CD cabinet, rescued from the tip, that I recently upcycled with a slap of gloss paint for use as a bedside table by our daughter Chloë (an aspiring R&B/Funk DJ, among many other things, hence the theme). It needed to be something with a very small footprint due to space limitations, so this was perfect. The rough design was sketched over a shot of the cabinet in Sketchbook Pro on the iPad, then printed out full size to trace onto the sides of the item itself. The actual painting could have been crisper, but have you ever tried any detailed work with gloss paint? My advice would be – don’t!



Ah well, it’s only going to be used for standing a cup of tea on.


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