Contemplation chamber.

Or: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

We recently had some mundane but necessary damp-proofing work done to our back extension which, in addition to providing perhaps the dullest opening line for any blog post, ever, also meant that the downstairs loo had to be completely redecorated once the repairs had been completed.

There was now a tempting blank wall facing the door where before, obscuring the peeling paint beneath, had hung a large, detailed map of the Lake District. To my cartoonist’s mind, something about the size and location of this new space seemed to suggest a thought bubble floating above the head of the ‘sitter’. A light bulb was the obvious content; isn’t this where we all traditionally engage in quiet reflection and experience our most profound moments of inspiration? OK, that might be over-stating it but you get the idea.

I sketched out the design in SketchBookPro, keeping it simple…ToiletBulb-on-screenRough

… printed it out at full size (several sheets of A4 as shown) and traced the bubble outline onto the wall…


… gave it a couple of coats of matt white…


… traced down the bulb device (light grey compressed charcoal)…


… painted it with same blue as the wall, and a steady hand.


…et, voilà!

With a knowing nod to Duchamp into the bargain – that’s conceptual art, that is.



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