Back to life.

Tuesday’s life-drawing session at SCAC was my first in over a month, a consequence of several weeks of serious pre-holiday deadline pressure followed, far more agreeably, by the holiday itself (see previous post). It was good to get back in the groove.

Here, book-ending the hiatus, are a few 10-minute watercolour sketches of Chiara from back in July, followed by a selection from earlier this week when our last-minute stand-in model was the ever-stylish Kate.



3 thoughts on “Back to life.

    1. Thank you! I generally spend the first half of the pose getting the pencil linework down, which leaves no time for anything over-considered, then at the words “five minutes to go”, revert to watercolour (limited palette, maybe three colours) and loosely slap on a bit of tone. Apart from a little extra paint occasionally added back in the studio, that’s it. All pretty intense but a great exercise for keeping your eye in!

      Thanks again for the generous words.

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