Turkey Scribbler

We recently returned from a week in the supernaturally picturesque harbour town of Kas, on the Lycian coast of Turkey. Lynn and I first sampled the charms of this unspoilt resort, albeit briefly, a couple of years ago while on a touring trip around Turkey and it immediately struck us as being worthy of a more leisurely return visit.

This time we were joined by Sam, who travelled down from Sheffield to fly out with us, plus Chloë and her boyfriend Felix, currently inter-railing around Europe, who we picked up in Fethiye en route from Dalaman airport. We all parted company in a similarly fragmented style at the end of the week, Sam flying back to Leeds/Bradford, C & F continuing on to Istanbul by bus, while we returned last of all to Gatwick. Our family get-togethers are as enjoyable and precious as ever, but the logistics involved in making them happen have never been more convoluted.

It was a relatively sedentary week by our usual hyperactive standards. We still got out and about and explored the area most days, but our rented hillside apartment with its infinity pool and stunning view over the bay undoubtedly made staying put a pretty attractive option, too.

As ever, a sketchbook accompanied me for most of the trip. The subjects were occasionally more mobile than one would choose (that’s people for you) so multiple limbs and distorted anatomy abound. It’s an effect I’ve become rather fond of in these quickly-snatched drawings – a sort of static animation. There was also further evidence of an exasperating phenomenon I’ve probably mentioned before, namely the almost guaranteed certainty that a human subject on a beach, selected on the basis of their apparent state of repose and likelihood of remaining that way for the duration of a quick sketch, WILL, shortly after the first few tentative marks have been made, either completely change their position or get up and leave the scene entirely. It’s like magic – try it.

Click on any of the images to enlarge; you already knew that…



92 thoughts on “Turkey Scribbler

  1. These are amazing, the art in which you preserved the spirit of your experience is so supernaturally moving. I love the stroke of every rose colored glance, I could almost for an instant be there.


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    1. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t sketch, Laura. I drew all the time as a child, went to art college, and have worked as a professional illustrator for over thirty years now so I’ve had a lot of practice! Making drawings and sketches has always seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments!


    1. I’ve always had a wonderful time when visiting Turkey. The history, the landscape, the architecture, the superb food and the warm, friendly people – you have plenty to be proud of! Thanks for looking.


    1. Thanks Kim, that’s very kind. The subjects in this case are indeed very close and familiar – my own family! Pleased to hear some of that intimacy comes across. They’re often the most convenient and obvious subjects to hand!


  2. Very glad for Freshly Pressed to have pointed me in your direction, what marvellous sketches, full of character. Love your use of colour – on that lovely sketchbook paper, it gives it all a fun holiday warmth. Great stuff!


    1. Hi, thanks for following my blog and also for the enquiry. This is actually a very good question, and I should probably have made this side of things clearer on the site.

      Essentially, any image on the blog is for sale, as either original artwork or print. Most of the life-drawings can be bought as original artwork, whereas the sketchbook images can be reproduced as high-quality giclée prints. The cost will depend on which particular piece/s are concerned; if there are any specific images you are interested in, then please let me know and I can give you the cost and payment details.

      Thanks again for pointing this out – I will amend the details on my blog to include this information for other readers!

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  3. Hi, I was wondering if your in the marina in Kaş? My parents own a yacht there called “Charlotte”. If you ever take a wonder in there, ask for Graham. He’s my dad. We may get to meet one day.
    I love your sketches, they a awesome!
    Thanks for sharing!!!


    1. Hi Joel, thanks for the comments. We wandered right round the marina while we were in Kas so we probably passed by your parents’ boat. Amazing that you know the owner of the Alta Vista appartment – what a small world! We loved it in Kas, the week passed by far too quickly. If we ever return, I’ll be sure to look out for ‘Charlotte’! Please mention us to Jon when you next see him – he might be interested to see the blog!

      Thanks again for the kind feedback.

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