Like many people in the UK right now, I’m feeling slightly shell-shocked. It will take a while to fully digest all the implications of Thursday’s General Election result and longer still for the decimated opposition parties to regroup, analyse what went wrong, and devise an electable alternative to the widely-loathed current incumbents.

Although the national picture is grim for anyone of a left-leaning political persuasion, a glimmer of cheer was provided by our own constituency, Brighton Pavilion, who re-elected the redoubtable Caroline Lucas of the Green Party, and neighbouring Hove, with Peter Kyle winning the seat for Labour from the Tories. We now proudly sit as a defiant speck of red and green amid the vast ocean of blue that is the newly-drawn political map of the south-east of England.

The general sense of politics-induced existential distress was also hugely ameliorated by a couple of timely and life-affirming local gigs (ah, the healing power of music!). First up, on Friday, an exhilarating audio-visual blitzkrieg of extreme techno-jazz by electronic pioneer Squarepusher, followed by a rare visit to Brighton by our son’s up-and-coming band Blood Sport, who played a blinder at the nearby Cowley Club. Life, emphatically, goes on!

And of course we’ve still got art – a contrived but effective cue to shoe-horn in a few recent life-drawings. Here’s Sophia, from last Tuesday…



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