Go hang.

It’s Festival-time again here in Brighton. Among the hundreds of art exhibitions competing for attention during the manic month of May is the SCAC show, featuring work by members done (mostly) at the club during the previous year. I went down last week to help out with the hanging which, although there were slightly fewer pieces submitted than last year, posed essentially the same conundrum as it always does. Namely: How the heck do you display THIS MUCH work in THIS LITTLE space? However, notwithstanding the inevitable handful of frames that were held together with little more than blind faith, and the apparent belief among some members that mirror-plates were optional rather than required (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!), it all came good in the end as it always does. The mixed-bag of an exhibition will be open to the public every weekend during May – if you’re in town, please try to visit. Here’s a six-second Vine taken during the hanging:

Had I not already framed three pieces for submission, I might have included one of the following watercolours from last Tuesday’s session. It was the first time I’d drawn Frankie for ages and I was reminded why she’s such a popular and successful life-model; classical poise, locks into a pose like a statue (even the eyes – we notice these things) and of course that hair. These were all ten-minute sketches but I’d have happily spent much longer on any of them.28March15-Frankie@SCAC_3(lo-res)28March15-Frankie@SCAC_1(lo-res)28March15-Frankie@SCAC_2(lo-res)28March15-Frankie@SCAC_4(lo-res)28March15-Frankie@SCAC_5(lo-res)

And here’s the latest image from my meaningless watercolours series, with a nod to Duchamp:

Art Cheerleaders(lo-res)


2 thoughts on “Go hang.

    1. No – that was just the latest, not the last. I enjoy ’em too much! Actually there were a couple of glitches in that last post that I’ve now sorted, just in case anything looked strange (Vine link not working for instance…)


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