A blog title that would also have worked equally well for the last post, but on this occasion refers to watercolour paint rather than a life on the ocean wave.

Here are a few pieces from the only two life-drawing sessions I’ve been able to attend over the last month, which, chronologically-speaking, actually bookend the sailing pics I posted a few days ago. First up is the dreadlocked Chiara from back in March and, after a couple more meaningless images from my occasional stream-of-consciousness watercolour series, a few 10-minute sketches of the exceptionally drawable Laura N from a couple of days ago.

24March15-Chiara@SCACx7Sci-Fi Convention(lo-res)DogSkipper(lo-res)21April15-LauraN@SCAC_1(lo-res)21April15-LauraN@SCAC_2(lo-res)21April15-LauraN@SCAC_3(lo-res)21April15-LauraN@SCAC_4(lo-res)21April15-LauraN@SCAC_5(lo-res)21April15-LauraN@SCAC_6(lo-res)21April15-LauraN@SCAC_7(lo-res)


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