Sketchbook del Mar

Regular readers (who am I trying to kid?) will already be aware of a couple of sailing trips I’ve taken in recent years with my skiing buddies so rather than repeating the whole tedious history of the Sonneteers Sailing Division, here are a couple of links to the posts in question. The first trip in 2012 and the second one in 2013.

Anyway, following a one-year hiatus, we took to the sea again last week. Not the chilly Solent this time, however. Thanks to Hove Lagoon Watersports, with whom our skipper Jan has a long-standing association, recently opening for business in Barcelona (well why not?), we headed south to the Mediterranean this year for a sunnier ambience and a distinctly superior class of tapas.

The itinerary in brief: picked up the 40-foot Always Dream in Sitges, sailed up the coast to Barcelona for a night among the super-yachts, carried on North to the fishing port of Arenys de Mar then did the same trip in reverse over the next couple of days. Very languid sailing in light winds until it picked up to around force 4 for a choppier, more exhilarating final day. Long periods of zen-like inactivity, with captive subjects – a doodler’s heaven.

The sketchbook did not accompany me ashore in the evenings, so no drawings of the Sagrada Família, our neighbouring super-yachts or the fabulous Pulperia, I’m afraid.

Hopefully the drawings speak for themselves.



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