Analogue backlog.

Since my recent re-discovery of the tactile pleasures of watercolour paints while life-drawing, I’ve got into the habit over the last couple of months of knocking out the occasional pencil-and-watercolour sketch during idle studio moments. I try to make sure there’s one on the go at all times so that I can dip in and out whenever the mood takes me.

They’re all done on A4 sheets of 300 gsm  textured watercolour paper, are loosely based on quirky old black & white photographs found on the internet, and although I’ve set myself very few ground rules, I’m also trying to keep to a minimal palette and not crop off any body parts. This last ‘rule’ has led to several grotesque anatomical distortions that – on the whole – please me very much. They’re like a visual form of ‘automatic writing’; any meaning they might have is entirely in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve created a Pinterest board for them where new pieces will be posted as they’re completed: Odd Watercolours

If you make it through to the end of this post without losing the will to live, you’ll also find a few drawings of the lovely Clementine from a couple of weeks ago by way of a return to sanity.Dancers_1(lo-res)Oh_Yeah(lo-res)MissYogurt1964(lo-res)UnicyclistCouple(lo-res)Napalm_Lounge(lo-res)Clown&Pike(lo-res)FuturePlanning(lo-res)The FabulousPickerings(lo-res)BoxingWomen(lo-res)TennisSmokers(lo-res)AlienAccordionist(lo-res)Clarinet(lo-res)10March15-Clementine@SCACx5(lo-res)


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