Achtung, baby.

Last week Lynn and I returned from a week in Berlin, a city that has been on our ‘list’ for a good few years now and about which we’d heard nothing but positive reports.

With good reason. Be grateful this isn’t a travel blog; you’d be in for a long haul. Berlin is a city of profound historical significance while at the same time fizzing with creative energy and in a seemingly permanent state of re-invention. All very zeitgeist-y, appropriately enough. Were I not merely a humble doodler, there would now follow an interminable stream of unoriginal thoughts and observations on topics as diverse as Graffiti, cultural globalisation, the Stasi, brutalist architecture, Currywurst, Communism, guilt and atonement, post-modernism, public transport, Soviet-era euphemisms, ancient civilisations, bicycle lanes and the ampelmann. Think yourselves lucky.

The sketchbook accompanied me everywhere as usual but our typically relentless schedule meant it rarely emerged from my rucksack. Here’s a quick drawing from the hotel room (Room 101 – really!) the evening we arrived. It had been a long day.


The only other two sketches from the trip were done during early-evening beers (about the only time of the day we sat down for any length of time) and so also feature Lynn, with barely a hint of Berlin to be seen, other than in the place-names and German phrase-book.


Tuesday I was back in the SCAC life-drawing studio for the first time in three weeks for a splendid session with the always-inspiring Kate on modelling duties. I carried on where I left off last time, with my rediscovered joy of watercolours undimmed. They do make some lovely ‘marks’ – it’s like being an art student again!24Feb15-KateS@SCAC_1(lo-res)24Feb15-KateS@SCAC_2(lo-res)24Feb15-KateS@SCAC_3(lo-res)24Feb15-KateS@SCAC_4(lo-res)24Feb15-KateS@SCAC_5(lo-res)24Feb15-KateS@SCAC_6(lo-res)


And seriously, if you get a chance to visit Berlin – go.


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