White stuff.

There was some pretty epic winter precipitation in the French Alps both before and during last week’s annual ‘Sonneteers’ ski trip to La Clusaz. To the extent that I’ll break my usual rule prohibiting photography on this blog and book-end this post with a couple of snaps by way of illustration.

Here’s Chalet Gingembre, looking particularly Alpine in its thick white coat. This was the first year we’ve actually had to dig our way in. The first full day, which would normally see us on the slopes, was spent clearing the entrance and parking space and shopping for provisions (a far more time-consuming process than usual!).


As ever, there wasn’t a huge amount of time available for sketching but I did whip out the iPhone during a couple of coffee stops to make quick portraits of Jan and Justin with the Adobe Ideas app.


Plus of course the traditional guest-book entry (see previous ski trip posts) which this year weaves the current batch of in-jokes and observations into an image based on a notorious painting by the famous Japanese artist Hokusai (exhibited as part of the wonderful ‘Shunga’ exhibition at the British Museum about a year ago). You’ll simply have to believe me when I assure you that everything is included for a reason; a full explanation would take forever.



Here’s a shot I took of my skiing colleagues, Justin, Jan and Nick, at the top of the Aiguille run during a blissful break in the weather. If I’d had time to sketch it I would’ve – honest.



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