The beautiful game.

Another extremely enjoyable life-drawing on Tuesday with Naomi, a striking, flame-haired model – new to the club – who held a number of tricky poses with impressive poise to the appreciation of a packed studio.

This was sandwiched between a couple of sports-related events. On Saturday I was fortunate enough to be among the 6,000 Bradford City fans at Stamford Bridge who had the exquisite privilege of watching our team knock the usually-invincible Chelsea FC out of the FA Cup by the scarcely credible score of 4-2 in a match immediately labelled as one of the great giant-killing acts of all time. Everything unpredictable, dramatic, epic and euphoric about sport was encapsulated in those nerve-shredding ninety minutes. I could go on but I fear I might lose you. Anyway, a joy.

Then in a couple of days it’s the annual boys’ ski trip to the French Alps. Always terrific fun although likely to pose a sterner challenge than ever to my creaking joints this year.

Now, where did I put those elasticated knee supports…?




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