Circus reduced.

Here are a few drawings of Michaela and Felix from last night’s trimmed-down Drawing Circus: Pierrot, Harlequin & Columbina at TOM. Some great costumes, incorporating lots of challenging ruffs and frills that I was happy to randomise in the interest of expediency.

Was lured off to the pub by fellow scribblers Paul Cemmick and Mark Harrison before I’d had a chance to draw Pierrot. I believe that sort of complaint comes under the heading of ‘First-world problems’.



3 thoughts on “Circus reduced.

  1. Lola and PETA are both here, free and up for ot so I’ll trying to coordinate dates over the weekend so can you let me know when you CAN’t make it? Please check with Lynne!!! Cemmo

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    1. Hi Benjamin, Thanks for the follow and the kind comments. Yep, between life-drawing sessions I actually do this stuff for a living, too. If you’re after something along the lines of the drawings you mentioned, I could knock you something up for fellow blogger’s rates – how does $50 sound for a bespoke portrait?


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