Back to class.

New year, new technique.

Well, sort of. It was the first Tuesday evening session of 2015 at SCAC last night and my first session in over a month, for reasons you’ll now be au fait with. I decided it was time to dig out the watercolour pad and paints that have been sitting in a drawer ever since I bought them last year, no doubt puzzling over their purpose in life.

It can be surprisingly energising to work with an unfamiliar medium, although I had misgivings about just how much actual paint I’d have time to apply during the ten-minute poses. The advantage of having to work quickly though, is that there is no time for hesitancy or over-analysis and on hearing Bill utter the dread ‘four minutes to go’ (happy birthday for yesterday, Bill), it was a case of dropping the pencil, grabbing a chunky brush and whacking down some quick washes using a very limited palette.

Our subject this time was Clementine – an actual French model. Her fabulous curly red mop was impossible to do justice to in the time available and almost deserves a session of its own; there’s some classic artistic shorthand going on in the drawings here. It also emerged that she had done conversational practice sessions with some old friends of ours who have been learning to speak French. What a delightfully small town Brighton is.



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