You could be forgiven for concluding, on the basis of the handful of sketches I made during the last week, that the festive period chez Parkin was anything but. This image of joyless bookishness is misleading of course, merely reflecting the rare moments that family members sat still long enough for me to whip out the ol’ Moleskine.

Having said that, Chloë is entering her university home straight and Sam is currently trying to get his head around the fundamentals of accounting (not his natural comfort zone) so there probably was a slightly more studious atmosphere about the place than in previous years.

And once again I found myself ineluctably compelled to draw – or attempt to draw – our Christmas tree. Most fiendish of subjects.

Happy New Year, everyone.



11 thoughts on “Bookworms

  1. Your sketches are stunning, I can’t wait to see more you post! 🙂
    What technique did you use?
    Keep up the great work!
    Best Wishes,


    1. Thanks, Isabella – glad you like them. Technique-wise they’re quite straightforward, drawn with Unipin fine line pens (Staedtler pigment liners or similar are just as good, none of them are particularly expensive) with solid blacks blocked in with a Pentel brush pen. The brush pen is slightly more expensive but one of the nicest, most flexible drawing tools there is. Put one on your next birthday list! I think your blog is incredibly mature and impressive for someone your age, btw – keep it up!

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  2. Love the sketch. I could come out with a load of clap-trap that art tutors do about “wonderful economy of line”, and such like, but will resist 🙂


    1. Thanks for that, Trevor, very kind. I do enjoy drawing the family on the rare occasions that they sit still for long enough. Just been checking out your blog, too. A fellow life-drawing enthusiast – very nice, I’ll be following.

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