Wring out the old.


It’s time to upload one last post for 2014 in order to end the year on a slightly more upbeat note than I would have done otherwise. Life goes on and all that.

Here’s my Christmas card for this year for all those of you who haven’t already received it by some other means. Below it is another festive image done recently as a portfolio piece but I can think of no better moment to include it on my blog. Both images were created with Adobe Illustrator.


Santa(lo-res)While we’re on the subject of seasonal festivities, here’s a link to a Christmas video I made back in 2007 with members of my family, relatives and friends – a cast of, well, not exactly thousands but certainly dozens. It was a lot of work but great fun and it still makes me smile. Some of you will have seen it before (apologies!) but a number of you won’t – Merry Christmas!

I’ll finish with a few drawings from the last life-drawing session I was able to attend a few weeks ago, before the event covered in my last post swept all other considerations and activities to one side. A little reminder of the normality I hope to be returning to come the new year.


I have also uploaded a selection of my iPad life-drawings from the last two-or-three years to this Flickr album, which is a really convenient way to view them all in one place.

Sincere thanks once again to everyone who’s followed or visited my blog over the last twelve months – see you next year!



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