Without whom, etc

Emotional outpourings are not normally my style but the last couple of weeks have been far from normal so forgive me if this comes across at all mawkish or sentimental.

The drawing is my illustrated version of a photograph my brother and I have known all our lives which, as of a couple of weeks ago, has assumed a deeper poignancy than ever. As tributes go it feels woefully inadequate but it genuinely comes from the heart.


Peter Alexander Parkin,  4th August 1930 – 22nd February 1990

Avril Parkin (née Rowley),  27th February 1932 – 6th December 2014

With love, respect and un-repayable gratitude.



5 thoughts on “Without whom, etc

  1. Hope you’re holding up through a very difficult time, mate. I lost my Dad many years ago now but I remember how tough it was. Are you back in Brighton and are you going to the SCAC party tomorrow night? If so it’ll be great to see you. All the best, mate. Cemmo

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  2. Cheers, Paul. Yes, back in Brighton now – we had the memorial service on Tuesday which actually went very well. We’ll miss the old girl, though. Can’t make tomorrow, unfortunately – double booked. You around for Christmas or back to Maj?


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