Given the boot.

The next ten days should be fun.

That’s how long I’ve been advised to wear this delightful contraption following a steroid injection into the bursa of my right heel*. This is just the latest attempt to address a long-term issue I’ve had in my heel that started out years ago as an achilles’ sprain (three decades-worth of regular football being the most obvious cause) and gradually evolved into a condition that was eventually diagnosed earlier this year as the alarmingly-named Haglund’s Deformity. The hot-link is to prove I’m not simply inventing a new syndrome.

The boot is likely to curtail social activities somewhat for the next week or so but if the treatment enables me to resume playing pain-free badminton and tennis, it’ll be a small price to pay. It actually feels very much like a ski boot – not something I’d normally choose to wear around the house admittedly, but not an unfamiliar sensation either.

Here’s hoping.


* As with all ‘selfies’, this is a mirror-image.


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