Drawing the Circus

Brighton’s life-drawing enthusiasts – and there are plenty of us – don’t know we’re born. As if the daily availability of classes and sessions at a multitude of different clubs and venues wasn’t already enough to satiate our appetites, last Sunday we were presented with a chance to truly gorge ourselves on the latest incarnation of the Drawing Circus.

Billed, with justification, as The Grand Drawing Circus, this was Draw‘s biggest event yet. A large team of costumed models, accompanied as ever by the splendid ‘Drawchestra’, took over the whole of the Old Market Theatre in Hove and enacted a slightly gothic murder mystery over a marathon six-hours via a succession of highly-theatrical tableaux. I confess I became too absorbed in my drawing to fully engage with the narrative aspect but, if I understood the final big reveal correctly, it was the White Lion that did it. But don’t quote me on that. The costumes were terrific, the models and musicians all excelled themselves and the whole event, in spite of its epic length, flew by. Congratulations are due to all involved; it’ll be interesting to see how they propose to top this one.

Here is a selection of sketches from the day, cleaned up and enhanced with a bit of spot colour in Photoshop back in my studio. I’ll leave you to fill in your own storyline!




12 thoughts on “Drawing the Circus

  1. Good stuff, mush. Looks like I missed a good’un. And a couple of new models too by the look of it! As you say, the Brighton life drawers are spoiled rotten!

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  2. Cherish the moments you are given to have such availability of great sources to sketch. We are not always so privileged to have models at our disposal-especially such a variety. Bravo on great work and good for you to be able to savour the moment.


    1. Thanks, Debbie. It took me a while to work out which models were doing the longer poses, too. Three minutes can be pretty limiting! An excellent event, though – it seemed to pass very quickly. Really liked the drawings you posted on FB, btw.


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