Earlier today I received notification from WordPress that my blog had just passed the one thousand followers mark – small beer in blogosphere terms but still a remarkable number to me. Many thanks to everyone who’s taken the trouble to visit, it makes all the time spent composing these posts worthwhile and has in turn introduced me to any number of unique and talented individuals via their own blogs. It’s a fascinating world out there – keep up the good work, people!

Here, to return to a well-trodden theme, are a selection of life-drawings from the last few weeks, both analogue and digital (you know the drill by now…).

Michaela, back from an extended period of travel:23Sept14–Michaela@SCACx4

Some sketches from a Picasso-themed drawing session hosted by Draw last month:22Sept14-LauraN-Picasso@TOM22Sept14-Picasso@TOM_iPad


Laura Kate:7Oct14-LauraKate@SCAC7Oct14-LauraKate@SCAC_iPad

… and finally Laura B modelling at SCAC last Tuesday (you might need your shades for that third image – apologies if your retinas start to burn):14Oct14-LauraB@SCAC_114Oct14_LauraB@SCAC(lo-res)14Oct14-LauraB@SCAC_214Oct14-LauraB@SCAC_3


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