Cabinet of spontaneity.

I picked up a freecycled filing cabinet last week at a big clear-out of used office equipment just down the road from where I live (ta for the heads-up, Fred!). It’s not that I suddenly needed to accommodate a freak influx of un-filed documents, it was more a case of wanting some extra storage space for the ever-expanding mounds of studio clutter that currently have no obvious home.

The cabinet, while in perfect working order, was a depressingly municipal brown & beige number so I decided to jazz it up with a quick re-spray and some entirely improvised black enamel graffiti. Gave it some Paul Klee and took the line for a walk; the sort of un-planned doodling that I generally do far too little of. It was, needless to say, great fun.

Here’s the ‘before’ version, with the handles removed and ready for spraying:


After one can’s-worth of spray paint:


After two:


I walk the line…


… et, voilà!


(other side):


Finally, in situ, one upcycled filing cabinet – looking right at home:



I’m pretty sure it won’t be too long before further items of entirely blameless furniture are subjected to similar treatment. This could become addictive…


2 thoughts on “Cabinet of spontaneity.

    1. Thanks – I was really pleased with it! It’s hard to say exactly how long it took in total as I kept coming back to it whenever I had a little spare time. Probably something in the region of ten hours?


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