Deficit reduction.

The flesh deficit, that is.

Here’s a selection of life-drawings, all but one produced on the iPad, from the handful of sessions I’ve managed to attend over the last couple of months. It’s been a period full of extra-curricular activity and sundry distractions which has consequently left a lot less time to spend on drawing. Either recreational or, more worryingly, professional. The onset of Autumn (in the calendric if not, as currently, the climatic sense) should see a welcome return to something like normality.

From the top down we have Laura Kate, Izzy and Laura N, the latter from a couple of days ago.

On an entirely unrelated note, the Scottish Referendum is being held today. We could all be waking up in a significantly diminished Great Britain tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Deficit reduction.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. With the iPad, I just try to get as much info down during these 10-minute poses as I can, then tidy them up back in my studio. Adobe Ideas allows you to set up a limited colour palette in advance, which certainly helps in terms of speed. Ideally I prefer to have 30-45 minutes but our Tuesday sessions are all about short poses. Intense but very rewarding!


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