We’re now just over a week into the World Cup, a quadrennial event that I, along with a good percentage of the global population, look forward to with almost childlike excitement. On the whole we do so with our eyes wide open. Yes, some of the players are obscenely overpaid; yes, the commercial hoopla and media hysteria surrounding the game is completely out of control and yes, the controlling body Fifa seem answerable to no-one but themselves and are as venal, corrupt and generally rotten-to-the-core an organisation as it’s possible to imagine… but…

… then there’s the game itself, which in spite of all the unsavoury nonsense swirling around its orbit, can still be one of the most thrilling, dramatic, skilful and pulse-quickening sports you’ll ever see. As the gangsters at Fifa know only too well.

Notwithstanding the England team’s all-but-mathematically-confirmed early exit from the tournament, there have already been enough sublime moments and edge-of-the -seat matches in the first few days to suggest that Brazil 2014 will be remembered as a classic event.

My own playing days are now behind me, sadly – my knees decided enough was enough a few years ago (not an uncommon story) but that didn’t stop me striking a nostalgic pose for a quick World Cup selfie drawn on the iPad on the opening day of the competition.



While we’re on the iPad, here’s a 50-minute drawing of Zoë from the Monday afternoon session at SCAC (the club’s new website is now finally up online after supposedly being ‘about to go live’ for several months now. Check it out!).



I forewent the potential high-drama of the Brazil v Mexico encounter on Tuesday evening in order to attend to the latest Drawing Circus with old pal and demon cartoonist Paul Cemmick, who’s briefly back from his summer hideaway in Majorca to deal with a funny-if-it-wasn’t-so-annoying property rental crisis; I’ll spare you the details. If this was Twitter the whole business would be categorised #firstworldproblems

The session (mercifully less crowded than on some previous occasions) had a ‘dressing-up box’ theme; think burlesque in a taxidermy workshop and you’ll just about have it. Below are a few 3-minute pencil & wash sketches followed by a couple of iPad drawings. Paul was sat right next to me, also drawing on his iPad, using the same Adobe Ideas app but to quite different effect. Have a look at his blog if you’d like to compare styles.

I got home later to discover that the match I’d elected to miss finished 0-0. Result indeed.



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