Toe Job.

Medical bulletins are generally not the stuff of which sketching blogs are made but bear with me. I’ll endeavour not to make a regular feature of them.

Below is a fairly accurate iPad rendition of how my left foot looked almost two months ago, mere hours after surgery on a troublesome ingrowing toenail. It is also, unfortunately, an equally accurate rendition of how my left foot looks today, mere hours after a return visit to hospital to undergo the whole process again, the original operation having failed to fully address the problem. This was certainly no fault of the NHS – who I would never dream of criticising – but rather just one of those things. None of these procedures comes with a 100% guarantee.


After the latest op, I was advised to sit in the waiting room with my foot raised for a few minutes before leaving. An old chap snoozing in a wheelchair, squarely in my sightline, made an ideal subject for a quick finger-drawing and those minutes just flew by. Thank you, sir. I added a few blobs of colour to serve as aides-memoires so I could finish it off when I got home.


It got me mulling over the term ‘unidexter’. Is it an actual word or did Peter Cook make it up specifically for his classic Tarzan sketch?


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