Blurred Lines.

Apologies for the title; that was beneath me. If it’s another opinionated contribution to the ever-popular Robin Thicke / Miley Cyrus / Sexualisation Of Mainstream Culture debate you’re after (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you need to look elsewhere. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of them out there.

No, the blurred lines in question were the ones I was making on my iPad at Tuesday’s drawing session as a result of leaving home in a hurry and forgetting to pack my reading glasses. As omissions go, that’s about as glaring – literally – as it gets.

I decided to stick around anyway and muddle through. I could see the model – the delightful Laura N – just fine and it was only when I looked down at my screen that everything shifted to soft-focus. Ironic really, as perhaps the most defining quality of drawings made with Adobe Ideas is their hard-edged crispness. I went for a bolder line than normal to compensate for the lack of specs and didn’t really get to see them in focus until I got home, when I was also able to tidy them up slightly.

An interesting if unintended experiment, with surprisingly ok results. I don’t intend to make the no-glasses mistake again but I am looking forward to re-visiting this heavy-line sketching style.3June14-LauraN@SCAC3June14-LauraN@SCAC(2)3June14-LauraN@SCAC(3)3June14-LauraN@SCAC(4)3June14-LauraN@SCAC(5)


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