Circus drawbacks.

Or, Spiegeltent Drawing Circus: The Sequel.

Here’s another hour’s-worth of drawings from this week’s event, entitled Acrobats of the Drawing Circus. Another highly engaging session involving multiple costumed models, a high-wire tragedy narrative and (made-up musical sub-genre alert) twisted goth-folk accompaniment from the Drawchestra which, if anything, seemed to fly by even quicker than the previous one. I only noticed at the end that I’d got mostly back views – which should teach me to arrive early in future for the pick of the seats but probably won’t.

Mostly three-minute sketches with a couple of fifteens thrown in so that we got a chance to exhale.21May14-DrawingCircus@theSpiegeltent(all)


5 thoughts on “Circus drawbacks.

  1. I like them all, 3 minutes wow how much practice does it take to draw so proportionally and with such controlled lines, love the details…. thats a lot your eye sees in just 3 minutes 🙂


    1. Thanks, Shabnam, very kind, It’s probably true that the more you practice the better you get – I think that applies to any art form. And I have been doing this a LONG time…

      Having said that, 3 minutes allows very little time to give much thought to the technicalities or composition of a drawing so instinct (combined with panic) takes over and the results can be a bit of a lottery. When they work however, these quick drawings can have a very appealing ‘energy’ about them; I was quite happy with this set!


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