Animal Enclosure.

On Wednesday I went along to the first of three themed Drawing Circus events that are being staged by Draw at the wonderful Spiegeltent during the festival month of May; this one was styled ‘Animals of the Drawing Circus’. These events are definitely getting more elaborate and theatrical with each outing and the venue only enhanced that impression.

As ever there were some great costumes (unicorn dressed by Victoria’s Secret, anyone?) and some ambient, occasionally downright sinister musical accompaniment provided by the ‘Drawchestra’. In fact I’m not sure whether a bowed saw and cello together can play in any register other than ‘sinister’ but it did seem highly appropriate.

The session lasted an hour, which in life-drawing years is equivalent to approximately five seconds. That’s always how it feels, anyway. Not to worry, there’s another one next Wednesday, this time with an acrobatic theme. Here in the meantime is my entire hour’s output…



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