Pad and Pencil

Every May we vow that this will be be the year we’ll properly take advantage of having England’s biggest annual arts festival on our doorstep. And yet here we are a third of the way in and the only event I’ve attended that’s been remotely connected to the Festival has been the SCAC annual show private view. Even then we had to leave early to get  across town to another, non-festival-related engagement so all round a pretty poor effort thus far. Will definitely try to pull my finger out this weekend.

Life-drawing carries on regardless however, in spite of the aforementioned exhibition reducing the available space in the already far-from expansive Arts Club garret. Here are a few sketches, both analogue and digital, from the last couple of weeks.

Sophia, at SCAC:


Drawn on the iPad with Adobe Ideas

Laura Kate at the monthly Marwood Cafe session hosted by Draw:


Drawn on the iPad in Adobe Ideas

Laura B at SCAC:



5 thoughts on “Pad and Pencil

  1. Pad and pencil folks humble this brush and paint guy, just like the street spray paint artists. It is all right… I believe in the existence of humility. Ipad now?


    1. Thank you so much! They’re a bit of a mixed bag this time – the pink / purple drawing of Sophia and the green gown pic of Laura Kate were both done on the iPad; the rest are either pencil or pen & ink sketches with the montage images made up of individual drawings assembled in Photoshop and little simple colour added for emphasis.

      Thanks for looking.


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