Audience Figures.

It might sound strange but ever since the inception of this blog I’ve never given its audience a great deal of thought. If I’ve ever had a typical reader in mind (and like I say, I’m not sure I have), it was probably someone like me who loves drawing and also enjoys looking at other artists’ work. My stats, often struggling to make double figures, appeared to support this view of the blog as being of niche interest only to a small coterie of like-minded pencil-squeezers… that was, until last Sunday.

That was when the good people at WordPress decided to list my North India Explorer post on their ’Freshly Pressed’ page and the effect was instant. Viewing figures that day shot up way beyond the previous daily best and although they have naturally tailed off somewhat since then, there are now about three times as many followers of the blog than there were before the Freshly Pressed feature and I’ve had more feedback in a few days than in the whole of the last couple of years. Thanks are due to WordPress for the selection and especially to all the fellow bloggers who took the time to visit and leave their kind comments.

So, conscious of the recently-enhanced audience figures, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to newcomers and move on to the latest batch of life-drawings – for although I often post travel or holiday sketches, this is the category of extracurricular drawing that most regularly makes it onto the pages of Drawstring. Here’s a group of 10-minute pencil drawings of Hannah from last week’s SCAC session, followed by a couple drawn on the iPad in Adobe Ideas (10-minutes each during the session with some additional tidying-up work back in my studio).



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