Everybody loves Egon.


If last week’s Drawing Circus was anything to go by, the Austrian painter Egon Schiele would appear to be as enduring a touchstone for figurative artists as he ever was. It was standing-room only at the Old Market venue for an evening of life-drawing themed around the great man’s iconic images but for once I managed to bag myself an actual seat rather than propping myself up at the bar in my usual latecomer’s style, and having to peer over the heads of the more punctual scribblers.

The poses were slightly longer than normal so in addition to a few small pencil sketches I had time to do some drawing on the iPad and get down just about enough information to be able to tidy them up at home. My scrubby, faux-Schiele colouring falls a long way short of the real thing but it’s an homage, of sorts.

Many thanks to Jake and Co. for organising, especially the models Emma, Frankie and the two Lauras.

14April14-Laura@TOM-SchieleDrawingCircus14April14_SchieleDrawingCircus@TOM_Emmax414 April 14 - Laura & Emma @ TOM Schiele Drawing Circus


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