February Potpourri.

On the few previous occasions when I’ve left over a month between blog posts, it’s usually been due to pressure of work but the hiatus this time has been entirely down to a sequence of extracurricular activities.28Jan14–Amy@SCAC

The sketches above are of Amy at the Tuesday SCAC session about a month ago. A few days later it was one of my favourite times of the year and one I’ve mentioned in previous posts – the annual boys’ ski-trip to La Clusaz in the French Alps. The clean mountain air and general life-affirming exhilaration of all that activity was a perfect antidote to the saturated grimness of the UK at the time. Here’s a snap (blog rarity!) of myself and a couple of fellow ‘Sonneteers’ in Giettaz, with a cloud-shrouded Mont Blanc in the distance to the right.P1040432

There’s not a huge amount of time for sketching on these trips – unless it’s related to my guest-book entry, which seems to get more elaborate and time-consuming every year – but I try to squeeze some in if possible. Here’s a quick iPad portrait of Jan; he never reads, by the way – the book was a device for getting him to sit still. Not his natural state.Jan @ Chalet Gingembre 2 Feb 2014

The following two are finger-drawings done on the iPhone during coffee-stops on the slopes. Anyone who’s tried drawing on a phone will know what a frustrating process it can be, constantly zooming in and out to compensate for the size of the screen, but this is how a lot of us first experienced drawing apps, the first of which pre-date the arrival of the iPad and other tablet devices. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded how far the technology has advanced in such a short time.Chalet des Bachais, Giettaz - Nick5 Feb 14 - John @ La Balme

And here’s this year’s aforementioned guest-book entry. An amalgam of in-jokes, personal foibles and snippets from conversations on chairlifts, it will make no sense whatsoever to anyone not directly involved but I’m posting it anyway!SoinnetSki_GuestbookEntry2014

Work was thin-to-non-existent when I got back from France so I girded my loins and took the opportunity to install built-in wardrobes in the bedroom – a job that has needed doing for years but which strangely had never quite made it to the top of my priorities list. It took longer than I expected  – which I really should have expected. Here’s a  commemorative drawing of the completed items:New wardrobes - 26Feb14(lo-res)

All of which pretty much brings us up to date, save for a couple of pics from the most recent ‘Body Project’ Drawing Circus last Tuesday. Another excellent session as always, with some great props and costumes including one in particular that seemed expressly designed to emasculate every male in the room.25Feb14_BodyProject

This iPad drawing of Mary was my favourite from the evening:Mary@DrawingCircus_iPad_25Feb14


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