Derby Day

Whatever would Jane Austen make of it?

The latest Drawing Circus event staged by Draw featured regular model Emma (‘The Condemmer’) and some of her Brighton Rockers roller derby team-mates posing for a pretty packed TOM in full combat kit – skates, knee-pads, helmets, the works. I’ve never seen an actual roller-derby contest but I imagine it must be quite a spectacle – they looked great even when completely motionless, not to mention considerably easier to draw than while barging and wrestling their way round the track (or is it just in my fevered imagination that they do that?). Sounds like a great sport.

Click to enlarge
Drawn on iPad with Adobe Ideas



In the aftermath of this event it was interesting and heart-warming to hear that the two other notable Tuesday-evening life-drawing sessions, at SCAC and The Bee’s Mouth (there might be others for all I know), had also been packed-out. What a very cultured city this is – no wonder the Daily Mail hate us!


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