Blue Tuesday.

Merely a reference to this week’s randomly-chosen background colour.

Actually, Tuesday evenings are as effective an antidote to the blues as one could wish for, an opinion that’s been expressed more than once on this here blog. Life-drawing followed by a few hours of beery banter should rightfully be available on prescription; it would perk anyone up. Even the annoying idiosyncrasies of the first refreshment house that we adjourned to (being shunted around the pub to make way for outdoor furniture being stacked up,  an inexplicable code lock on the toilet door and a joyless attitude to last-orders and drinking-up time that none of us had encountered since the early 1980s) failed to dampen our collective spirit. Move over, Prozac.

Here are a few sketches of Lucy, on fine form and as beguiling a subject as ever.

Click to enlarge

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