Pop goes the Easel.

Kicked 2014 off last Thursday with a very enjoyable themed life-drawing session at Draw.  I missed this Roy Lichtenstein-inspired set when it was first rolled out last year so it was good to catch it this time round with Michaela, who I think has a distinctive 60s look about her anyway, doing the modelling.

The dotty pop-art enhancements were added later in Photoshop. Well, it is Lichtenstein – how could I resist?


These two drawn in iPad with Adobe Ideas:2Jan14-Michaela@DRAW_32Jan13-Michaelax2@DRAW


6 thoughts on “Pop goes the Easel.

  1. I have been seeing more and more life drawings done on iPads, and the works are just blowing me away. The crispness, saturation, shading and tones of the top (iPad) one are really good.


  2. Thanks, Jeff. You’re right about the growing use of the iPad as a life-drawing tool – there are certainly more people turning up with them in the classes I attend, anyway. There’s also now a bewildering choice of drawing and painting apps available which is making them more attractive. Adobe Ideas is definitely emerging as my favourite – the crispness you mentioned is one of its distinct features and really appeals to my vector-loving aesthetic!


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